Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker (RBS40V)

Orbi Voice is a powerhouse of sound, a smart speaker that helps to extend your existing wireless signals in every corner of your home. It has built-in voice assistant “Amazon Alexa” for voice control music and other smart devices.

Features of the Orbi Voice Smart Speaker

  • It comes with an Add-on Orbi satellite.
  • You can use it with your existing Orbi WiFi System.
  • It can cover 2,000 sq. ft. of distance
  • It delivers high performance AC2200 WiFi
  • Alexa Voice Assistant

Setup Orbi Voice RBS40V Speaker

  • First of all, place the Orbi Voice RBS40V in the same room where you placed the Orbi router.
  • Attach the power adapter into the Orbi voice device and plug into the power outlet.
  • Press the Power button to turn on the Orbi voice speaker. 
  • The ring LED on the satellite will turn solid white.
  • Now sync the Orbi router and satellite by pressing the sync button on both the devices. 

How can I Reset Orbi Voice RBS40V?

  • To start the reset process, Orbi Voice RBS40V should be plugged into the power source.
  • Look for the reset button on the RBS40V speaker.
  • Use a paper-clip to press the reset button. Hold the reset button until the power led blinks Amber.
  • Release the button and try to configure the device again.
Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker (RBS40V)

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