How to Enable Parental Control on Tplink Wifi Router ?

Nowadays we get lots of option while opting for wifi routers, but it’s a fact we can judge a router from its box. So, what we can do for, choosing the best wifi router for our home network setup? You don’t need to take the risk, as we are here to guide you the best wifi router as per your wifi requirements. We all require wifi all day long since we started using a wifi enabled device, which let us use wifi at anyplace. Only having a wifi router is not enough, a router with security features, advanced settings and capability to get connected to every device, is what we all need. So, to cater your all these needs, you can opt for Tplink archer router range. They are best wifi router range from your own Tplink brand. It features all the advanced security features, which might help in setting up the home network effectively. Or when it comes to Tplink wifi router setup, they all have an easy user interface, which can be accessed with the usage of default web address tplinkwifi net. To know, how & when to use this default web address, www tplinkwifi net you need to read the entire blog. In this blog, we will also cover the option of parental control, which can limit the internet access on any computer, connected to your Tplink wifi router network. To know more about this interesting topic, read the entire blog, for now, let’s get started with the Tplink router login via tplinkwifi net.

How Do I Login To Tplink Wifi Router?

By using the web-based utility, the configuration of the Tplink wifi router becomes super easy.  You can use the web-based utility of Tplink wifi router on any operating system. Or can use web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or an Apple Safari. For Tplink wifi router login follow these steps.

•    First, setup the TCP/IP Protocol under, the Obtain an IP address automatically mode, on your PC.

•    Next, for Tplink wifi login, visit the, into browser address bar.

•    Now, provide Tplink wifi login credentials, into the given fields. If you haven’t changed the Tplink wifi router default login details, you can use Admin for both options.

How to Enable Parental Control on Tplink Wifi Router?

•    After login to your Tplink wifi router, by using the default web address tplinkwifi net, visit Advanced option.

•    Under the advanced option, visit the Parental Controls & next enable the Parental Controls options.

If you wish to add a website or a device, click on Click Add option.

•    Next, click on the View Existing Devices & choose the access device.

Do you have any issue, in the given steps, then before going ahead give us a call on our toll-free number? We are available on the toll-free number & live chat window. We can help you in accessing the tplinkwifi net web address or Parental Control feature. You can also chat live with us, on our live chat support window.

How to Enable Parental Control on Tplink Wifi Router ?

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