Basic Steps For Tp Link Router Setup

If you wish to have a router, which is advanced, fast and provide stable internet connectivity, Tplink router is for you. Tplink router has various types of router, wired, wireless and modem router, Lots of options to choose from. They are loaded with many other great features and settings. Or if you don’t have knowledge of router working or its settings, no need to worry, we can guide you. We have detailed information regarding Tp link router setup, which will help you in taking a decision, about router investment. The first thing we look in any router is its features & capability to work with devices. Another main point which a router must have is simple setup & installation. Tplink router comes with easy setup & installation. You can setup Tplink router with Quick Setup Wizard, web-based browser setup. For more information on Tp link router setup, go through the entire setup which we are providing below. Let’s gets started with setting up the Tplink router.

Pre-requisite for Tplink Router Setup

•    Active Internet Connection.

•    A Modem which has an RJ45 connector, only if the router is not directly connected to the Ethernet.

•    A computer with functional Ethernet Adapter or have an Ethernet cable.

•    Supported web browser

•    Place Tplink router in a ventilated place.

How to Connect the Tplink Router?

•    One by one, switch off the device, first the PC, then your modem & last your Tplink router.

•    Put your Tplink router in the center of the wireless network.

•    Adjust router antennas position; best position for Antennas is upright.

Tp link Router Setup (Web-based utility)

It is easy to configure your Tplink router with web-based utility. You can use any window or supported web browser with Web-based utility.

•    To access Tp link router configuration utility, launch a web browser.

•    In the web browser address bar, put Tplink router default web address, which is

•    If this address doesn’t work, you can enter router default IP address. To know what Tplink router IP address is, call our experts on the toll-free number.

•    Next, you will see a pop-window, which will ask for Tplink router login details.

•    Provide Tplink router login default details. In case, you have changed them earlier, use the customized details. Press Ok after entering the details

•    Now, you can customize your router settings, start with the WAN Connection Type.

How Do I Change Tplink Router Admin Password?

It is important to secure your home network, and you can do it by changing router admin password. Once you are done with Tplink router setup, visit Management section of the router, by login to the router interface. Under Management section, go for Access control & then the Password option.

To know further steps, give us a call at the toll-free number. We ensure you will get instant reply from our team of experts. They have years of experience & can help you in Tp link router setup.

Basic Steps For Tp Link Router Setup

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